Nobel Dragon

In 1931, Changyu used its self-cultivated grape variety from Yantai, Cabernet Gernischt, as the primary raw material to create a new flavor of wine.

Like Bordeaux, Yantai is located at the 37th parallel north, known as the „Golden Zone of World Grape Cultivation.“ The region has a mild climate and fertile soil, and the temperate coastal climate is ideal for growing high-quality grapes with excellent color, aroma, and flavor. The slightly acidic gravel and sandy loam soil create an ideal environment for grape growth, with rich minerals providing ample nutrients for strong root development. Today, Changyu has established the world’s largest Cabernet Gernischt grape cultivation base in Yantai.

Cabernet Gernischt contains 26 different aromas. After undergoing two fermentations, the grapes transform perfectly. The wine is then aged for nine months in oak barrels, where it melds together in large casks, resulting in a final product with stable color, harmonious aroma, and a smoother taste.

Changyu Nobel Dragon is renowned for its unique flavor and elegant taste. It has a full body, fine tannin structure, and rich aromas of blackberry, black cherry, blackcurrant, and violet, accompanied by subtle notes of vanilla and oak. The palate is smooth with a long finish, making it suitable for pairing with various red meats, roasted meats, and hard cheeses.

The Changyu Nobel Dragon series has won 108 awards, including 6 Grand Gold Medals, 39 Gold Medals, and 35 Silver Medals. From being the top wine brand in Asia to becoming the global single-variety blind tasting champion, it has sold over 600 million bottles worldwide and is deeply loved by consumers.

Noble Dragon N158

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Grape:Cabernet Gernischt 80% ,
Cabernet Sauvignon 20%

Ruby Red

Energy:378 kJ/91 kcal
Fat:0 g
of which Sugars
3.1 g
0 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g